Geun Jeong Kim's performance at ArToll's

The performance of Geun Jeong Kim takes place in a small side room with large windows, that let in a filtered light on an overcast day.
From the main hall I see only two elegant legs; her hands are accented by large white cuffs, her face is hidden by paper blinds that hang from the ceiling.
A tuned-in radio, a tulip in a vase and a small burning candle are the only props. In the side room itself there is a bank against the opposite wall of the artist and from it I see more. A young and pretty Asian lady looks through the window on the right side of her, but after a while turns her head away from it and gazes vacantly into her own secluded space. There is no eye contact with the spectators. If the famous Penseur by Rodin embodies something like “thinking”, Geun Jeong Kim has caught the vulnerability of a waiting person; waiting for tidings, waiting for a loved one, waiting without drowning the emotions in activity, drinking, talking or any other form of distraction.
Its utmost poetic expression was given by the Chinese T'ang poet Li Bai, who relates the feelings of a lady alone in her room, also with blinds let down, who finally looks at the bright autumn moon. The poem is very well known and translated in many languages.

On marble stairs white dew grows,
Night long soaks her gauze stockings
She lets down crystalline blinds
through jewel lacework looks at the autumn moon

It's good not to limit the interpretation to a specific kind of waiting. We have here the essence of waiting, perfectly presented.
The chosen title of the performance was "En attendant la paix en May".
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