No play with fire. Wanderley Vieira at work

A paper palm tree with balloons for nuts stands on a lawn. Several longish paper horns are attached to the trunk. Dusk has given way to darkness a long time ago. In the quiet of the night a man appears. With his black hat, black beard and dressed in dark clothes Wanderley Vieira, the maker of this tree, has the demeanour of a man who might do something way out of the ordinary. Blowing the paper horns, he sends moaning tones into the night. Then he sets fire to the tree and keeps blowing those uncanny sounds that resonate among trees and buildings. Burning paper falls from the now visible metal framework, he must jump back, the balloons burst in the heat, smoke swirls up high. From one or two horns the artist still can evoke tones, others are burned and have fallen off. Then the frame is just a pillar of fire. He picks up a half burned horn from the ground and tries to blow it, but nothing is heard. In the end this dark man sits, as if in thought, before the remains of the fire.
Indeed, the artist did something way out of the ordinary! Some spectators were merely entertained, others deeply moved by this performance. It might have reminded some of the shattering sound of the ritual shofar, once the battle signal, now awe inspiring signal of the presence of the Holy of Holiest, others thought perhaps of the alarming and powerful blowing of the Olifant, horn of Roland, with which he warned and cried for help. The sense of alarm was in any way the predominant feeling of this performance that was done with great seriousness and sincere dedication. Alarming sounds till the end from burning tree.
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