"On himselfe", poem by Robert Herrick (1591-1674)

Wallfahrtskirche Marienbaum
HERE down my wearyed limbs Ile lay
My Pilgrims staffe; my weed of gray:
My Palmers hat; my Scallops shell;
My Crosse; my Cord; and all farewell.
For having now my journey done,
(Just at the setting of the Sun)
Here I have found a Chamber fit,
(God and good friends be thankt for it)
Where if I can a lodger be
A little while from Tramplers free;
At my up-rising next, I shall,
If not requite, yet thank ye all.
Meanewhile, the Holy-Rood hence fright
The fouler Fiend, and evill Spright,
From scaring you or yours this night.


Ile lay: I'll lay
Weed of gray: the grey garment of the pilgrim
Palmers hat: hat with a broad rim, to shield the pilgrim from sun and rain
Tramplers free: not having to meet the beggars on the road
Holy-Rood: Holyrood is an anglicisation of the Scots haly ruid (holy cross).
fouler Fiend: the devil
evill Spright: evil spirit.

Source: „The Complete Poems of Robert Herrick“ Ed. by the Rev. Alexander B. Grosart, London, 1876, Volume II (Hesperides, continued), page 30.
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