Wendy Lesueur's performance at ArToll's

Entering the performance room one sees a perfect model for an art class posing in a darkened space, a single spotlight shines from above, and lets the skin of the young woman radiate like the moon. Her head is covered; apparently she does not want to be recognized. The visitors of this small room are supposedly looking at work of art, pleasing to the eye, movements of head, shoulders and later legs make new patterns of light patches in wondrous ways. To a murmur of voices in the background however, the woman begins to laugh, reaching a crescendo that is almost unbearable. Then she begins to sob, in an equally unsettling way. After perverting these human emotions, she descends from her pedestal and gracefully and quietly leaves the room. Laughing usually is contagious, if only out of embarrassment and for a crying person one feels sympathy, but in this performance they are just sounds, well composed to unsettle and frustrate the enjoyment of a perfect model for an art class.
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