Lovers' lane near the Castle of Moyland

One morning in the merry month of May I walked along one of the most lovely lanes of the county and noticed many dedicatory carvings on old trees along this path to the idyllic water castle of Moyland.
It must have been a real lovers‘ lane in the old days, far away from the two cities Kleve and Kalkar, a goal for a cycle spree in late Spring or early Summer.
The lavish green surrounding is charming, oaths of love taken there might have been more solemn and sacred and enduring than anywhere else in this countryside.

On Lovers‘ lane / are you the one for me?
We’ll seal the bond / with carvings on a tree!
Can’t carve the old / the younger bark is fine
In scores of years / for children there to see

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Dirk Bohlen aus Wesel | 15.05.2015 | 06:26  
Karl-Heinz Hohmann aus Unna | 15.05.2015 | 07:48  
Jürgen Thoms aus Unna | 15.05.2015 | 10:34  
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