Capio investiert in digitale Gesundheitsversorgung

Capio continues to invest in digital healthcare

Capio is strengthening its involvement in the development of digital healthcare solutions by investing MSEK 49 in the new share issue of MSEK 100 that was announced by the e-health provider Doctrin today. By investing, Capio is participating in the development of new digital applications based on artificial intelligence, increasing efficiency in healthcare provision and improving patient experience.

Capio and Doctrin are collaborating since late 2016. During fall this year, implementation of the new digital tools “Better Visits” and “Online Consultations” (Läkarbesök Online) started in Capio’s primary care operations in Sweden. Both services are based on an extensive medical algorithm, which captures the patient’s medical history in a structured way. The patient is provided healthcare where she or he is, when the need occurs. In addition, the tools support medical quality as the algorithm contributes to more precise diagnoses. For doctors and nurses, the tools support the daily work and contribute to make healthcare available to more patients as the time for e.g. a doctor consultation is shortened.

The roll-out to Capio’s 200,000 listed patients in the Skåne region is completed, and work to make the services available to patients in Stockholm has now been initiated. From spring 2018, all of the 750,000 patients listed with one of Capio’s 83 primary care centers will have access to “Better Visits” and “Online Consultations”. In addition, “Online Consultations” will be available to all Swedish inhabitants.

“The collaboration with Doctrin is one of our most important initiatives to improve healthcare provision to our patients through the unique combination of digital services and the physical healthcare provided by Capio”, says Thomas Berglund, President and CEO.

Capio has previously invested MSEK 13 in Doctrin and following the new share issue today, the Group’s total investment is MSEK 62. The minority share is not expected to have any significant financial impact for the Group in 2017 or 2018.

Doctrin AB was founded in 2016 and has 29 employees. The company’s registered office is in Stockholm, Sweden. The CEO is Magnus Liungman.


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