Ashby Record Release Show - Progressive Rock

Wann? 13.11.2015 19:00 Uhr

Wo? Zentrum Altenberg, Hansastraße 20, 46049 Oberhausen DEauf Karte anzeigen
Oberhausen: Zentrum Altenberg | Die mülheimer Progressive Rock Formation Ashby feiert am 13.11 im Zentrum Altenberg, Oberhausen die Veröffentlichung ihres 1. Albums!

2013 noch das erste Lebenszeichen mit der EP "A Question Never Heard" und 2015 nun voller Stolz das erste Album!

Über 1 Jahr Arbeit, Schweiß, Freude und Kraft stecken in dieser Platte, die Ashby am 13.11 im Zentrum Altenberg präsentieren.
Sie wollen herzlich zur Releaseparty einladen und freuen sich auf jeden Zuschauer, der diesen Moment mit der Band feiert!

Alle Freunde des Progressive Rock der 70/80er Jahre, der anspruchsvollen Musik und sämtliche Musikliebhaber/-interessierte sind herzlich eingeladen, einer momentan sehr aufstrebenden und vielversprechenden Band zu lauschen.
Man darf gespannt sein!



AK: 10,- €
Einlass: 19:00 Uhr
Beginn: 20:00 Uhr

ASHBY - Progressive Rock/Metal | Mülheim an der Ruhr


UNIVERSAL MIND - Progressive Rock/Metal | Berlin

The band Universal Mind emerged in January 2013 in Berlin. They are an international progressive metal act formed by members from Germany, Italy and Mexico. Each of them has gained a lot of experience with different projects, performing live and recording at the studio.
Universal Mind started immediately playing live shows causing overwhelming reactions to the audience, at the same time they began working on their first official EP. Due to the increasing success the band and every person involved realised that this project has potential combined with an unique and outstanding style. Within the first six months the band already produced their first EP as well as two music videos which got many views and received positive reactions on an international level.
At the moment Universal Mind have started organising concerts on their own. They are searching for an appropriate label and partners to join and support the band on their way to become an even more successful and professional act.


SOUNDTOLOGY - Progressive/Post Rock | Wuppertal

Soundtology is a progressive/post rock band from NRW, germany.
Kamil (bass), Thomas (vocals, rhythm guitar) and Simon (drums) have been playing together since 2003. Over the years they made their way through a variety of different genres.

Due to many changes in the formation and rehearsals Marcel (lead guitar guitar) joined the project. After some gigs Christian (keys) and Hannah (vocals) became part of the band as well.
The debut album will be released in october 2015.
Their ambitions of music are authentic, emotive, but also challenging progressive compositions.

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