Road to heaven

Road to heaven

I am walking on the road to heaven
and nothing can stop me.
A long, long time I went together
with you, with all friends, with love.

I say „Hello“ and not „Good bye“
because I put a part of me
into your heart. And I will fly
into the middle of the sky!

Don‘t cry, dry the tears in your eyes,
speak with me and you will know,
that I never left you and my soul
will walk with you every day.

And when the stars are shining bright
I smile and await the time,
you will be in this holy land
behind the stars with me in
God‘s kind hand.

On earth I did my best and pray, I never hurt
you in any way or did disturb
your peace of mind, so every second of your life
you remember me fondly. This is where my hopes lie.
So that now I may say "Hello" and not „Good bye!“
                                                      (B. Kando 2018)

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