How to Solve Student Accommodation Problems

As long as you have entered the university, there arises one more vital question: where to live? Actually, the range of choices is quite limited, either to rent accommodation or to live in the hall of residence. Of course, if you have heaps of money you can afford buying your own apartment, but these are rare cases. Very often, students opt to settle in the hall of residence if it is provided by educational establishment or to rent dwellings with someone.

Oh, if these were all challenges! Unfortunately, that is just the beginning. Nearly always students experience housing problems, such as repair, mice and cockroaches attack, bothersome neighbors… This list may go on and on. Is there any way to simplify students’ hectic life as it is? Here is what can be done.

Talk to your landlord

If you have noticed that the ceiling is about to fall, contact the landlord immediately. Seriously though, if you are not responsible for these damages, make the accommodation owner aware of the defects. He or she should take action to eliminate them.

If this situation is referred to the dwelling provided by university, apply for help to a resident director. If your request was not satisfied, turn to the so-called “monitor” of your hall of residence. This is a person, who speaks for the students concerning various problems including accommodation issues.

In the unity there is strength

Torn wallpapers are nothing in comparison with leaking roof, cracks on the ceiling or invasion of unwanted guests, such as mice or cockroaches. If nobody wants to tackle these problems, arrange a student’s unity and contact local organizations. There must be some unions or companies which are responsible for maintaining order in the streets and communal utilities.

Though this is an extreme case, but rather efficient one. If your accommodation problems are too neglected, make them a public fare. Start with social networks, or report about the issue to the local newspaper or TV channel.

Keep eyes open when signing tenancy agreement

Tenancy agreement is a document which includes information about rent payments, duties and responsibilities of the landlord and a person who rents accommodation.
According to this document, a housekeeper can’t evict a tenant till the end of the tenancy agreement validity. So in case the landlord insists on your leaving before the end of the agreement, you are in capacity to stay.

The amount of monthly payments and bills are also set in the document. It is strongly recommended that a person should be attentive while signing tenancy agreement. Not to fall a victim to fraud, an agreement should have a legal value. If you smell a rat, apply to the student housing office or local authorities.
So, if you are dissatisfied with housing conditions, do not be afraid to show your strong dislike. Remember, there is always a smart solution to any problem.

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