Treffen Sie John Divineson Israel, den inspirierenden Songwriter Indiens
Treffen Sie John Divineson Israel, den inspirierenden Songwriter Indiens


John Divineson Israel is an Indian contemporary singer, worship leader and motivational speaker. He has produced two gospel albums Divine Love Vol. 1 (2014) and Divine Love Vol. 2 (2017) and has also released several singles in Tamil, English and Hindi. He began his musical journey at the age of 19. He is a graduate engineer and also has a master's degree. He studied music at the University of the West of Scotland. His music has influenced many living souls. His songs are broadcast on several television channels across states in India, Europe and the United Kingdom. He has given live concerts in different parts of India, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. His songs are mainly based on his life experience with biblical references. In his songs, the lyrics focus on helping people get out of stress and other mental health issues. John Divineson Israel never used to be a music lover, he was not passionate about music when he first stepped into music, instead he was very active in sports and loved playing football and cricket, but his father Bishop. Israel Rajappah and his mother Rev. Juliet Rajappah urged him to learn music and later developed a taste for music at the age of 17. When he asks John for a public YouTube interview, he says, "I'm always grateful to my parents for getting me to learn music when I don't like them. " Divineson began his musical journey during college in 2014 with friends Lijo Felix and Clifford Moses. Patrick Joshua, one of his trusted allies, manages all of his production. His first single "Oru Varthai" with his sister Dr. Marvel Reviavline was one of people's most popular gospel hits in 2016. Oru Varthai talks about the life-changing influence of Jesus that can work on a person. Composed in the electro-pop genre. Recently single - Magimayae ft. Ben Samuel, John Rohith talks about the crucifixion of Jesus, Magimaiyae, which means "majesty", talks about the forgiving nature of Jesus, who was killed by humanity but chose to love and forgive. Some of his songs like Magimaiyae and Envalkaiyai have been translated into multiple languages. His songs are based on the core values ​​of Christianity which are faith, forgiveness, repentance, and the gospel of Jesus. He regularly posts motivational videos and inspirational content about love, mental health, dealing with failure, overcoming depression. He believes that "sharing God's Word through music is the best motivational therapy ever."


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