Today, on Saturday, the 16th of May, ...

Xanten: St. Josef-Krankenhaus | ... the famous match between one group of English football players and one of German players took place on the "TuS-Bolzplatz" on the "Fürstenberg".

I don't know what team won, sry, but my daughter Christina who organized the match with René Ullenboom will tell me soon.

From 15:30 to 16:30 o'clock, there was a fine concert in the "St. Josef-Hospital".

Annika and I were very fond of seeing "Princeton Blue" from the "New College Nottingham" once more.

We love the music you play, dear Lucia, dear Micha and dear ? (Who can tell me the name of the third musician, please?)

The concert was organised by Petra Klein, one of the nice (!) nurses on "Station Lioba".

About 18 o'clock, "The Indecisives" and "Mindtremor" started to take part in the "Rock-It-Festival" in Moers, Bollwerk 107 for one hour.

In the evening, there will a "Goodbye-Party" in a special place.

That's all I can tell you at the moment. I hope you like these informations, my dear readers :)

Hildegard van Hüüt
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Wolfgang Schroeder aus Iserlohn-Letmathe | 16.05.2015 | 17:59  
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