Chaenomeles on New Year's Day, a poem in English

From starry skies
descends the rime at night
The bitter fruit
shines yellow in first light
Among the thorns
a wren’s good hideaway
He scatters not
remaining frost in flight

In the old days it was custom among the literati of Japan to write a poem on the first three days of the New Year. Painters would of course paint, musicians play, and flowers were arranged for the occasion. All bore in mind that it would be an auspicious act for the whole year to come. One should at least begin the year in harmony and at ease. They followed however and some still do the Lunar Calendar, which places in 2017 New Year’s Day on the 28th of January, when there is more Spring in the air. We’ll have another try then!


Jan Kellendonk aus Bedburg-Hau


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