Eavesdropping on artists: performance of Béatrice Duport and Stephane Pichard at ArToll's

Must social exchange always have a large element of redundancy? Not if you are creative!
It seems to me that Béatrice Duport and Stephane Pichard in their performance at ArToll’s gave a fine example of communication that has a minimum of repetitiveness.
Over the years the two artists exchanged images, each sent one in some way referring to the one received. Now they presented their correspondence, I presume it was displayed in chronological order during the performance, in which one beamer remained static, the other being transported through the room, one moment projecting close the wall, the next casting a new image on the ceiling. Projections circled clockwise in stations, sometimes scaring away viewers who were being projected on. Both actors moved also in circles, Stephane Pichard handling the beamer, Béatrice Duport speaking sentences in French mixed with German words.
Did this performance as a whole have a meaning, you might ask. Well, I must ask back: do the actions during the installation of a King, Queen, Chief Rabbi or Bishop have meaning? Or the rites in church? They too are performed. One either accepts the package as it is, or see it as something utterly void of meaning. And if you accept it, you might be, like me, more than happy if a glimpse of sense now and then is transported. That’s how it is with densely wrought works, like rites, and also like performances of this kind. Where did it take place? Here...
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